Save Our Schools FunCard is an ongoing philanthropic initiative operated and managed by Generous Community and a collaboration of community stakeholders for the purpose of providing emergency funds and resources to schools. The fiscal challenge facing our nation is having a significant impact on North Carolina Schools and schools nationwide. The impact we are experiencing in the marketplace has trickled down to a reduction in public services.

Our schools are now being forced to make dramatic changes in their budgets, which will result in deferred maintenance, a deficiency in teaching resources, and the loss of educators. In the end, we are hurting our children. While there are parents, individuals, and organizations who are working hard to support our schools, it is clear that there is a need for more.

The FunCard initiative utilizes entrepreneurial creativity and proven strategies to deliver emergency funds to our NC Schools and the schools retain 100% of all monies collected for the sale of the FunCards.

If we don’t rally as a community to achieve new strategies and solutions for our children, our course of action will be dictated by someone else.


​​By 2016, to secure a $20 (FunCard) sponsorship per student in NC school. We will encourage partnerships from local media, businesses, community leaders, parents, organizations, and churches to sponsor and promote to sponsor every child in our NC schools by purchasing 1 FunCard per child. This effort would allow us to inject $50M per year in our NC schools, while initiating duplicate campaigns in each state of the United States of America

Why is the FunCard different?

Everybody Wins:


Schools: receive 100% of all monies collected for the sale of FunCards (this is the first and only funding mechanism for schools that includes a tangible product where the school receives 100% of all sales).


FunCard Buyers: receive discounts on their everyday purchases.


Participating Businesses: receive free advertising, loyal customers, and the satisfaction of enhancing the lives of the people in their local community.

The mission of the SOS “Funcard” Project™ is to provide schools with an easy, profitable, and ongoing source of funding where the “school” retains 100% of all monies. The “Funcard” project improves the opportunity to make up for the shortfalls of local and state funding. The FunCard project also bypasses the worries and other non-traditional revenue “profit-share” campaigns associated with typical fundraisers.

Generous Community has partnered with a banking institution to assure all monies are accounted for and properly distributed. 100% of all donations are distributed to schools and are tax deductible.

Although we DO raise funds and generate revenue for our members, we are a civic organization. The sales of FunCards are 100% philanthropic. All monies collected from FunCards ($20 each) are distributed to youth, schools, and youth supporting organizations. We partner with businesses and sell advertising in order to deliver our fundraising platforms at no charge, no profit share, and no inventory minimums.

FunCard Description and Benefits


The SOS Funcard™ is the “Where to go and what to do” discount card. An SOS Funcard™ is a fundamental bond between education, business and the community.  

FunCards look and function like a typical grocery store loyalty card and provides card holders with valuable discounts & incentives on their everyday purchases to hundreds of businesses each visit for one (1) year.


Typical discounts on the FunCard include: Buy One Get One Free Pizza, $5 off Oil Change, Free Kids meal, 20% off Dry Cleaning, Carwash, Car Rentals, Movies, Grocery Store Coupons, etc.


There will be 20 business discounts on the back of the card that represent businesses in the cardholder’s immediate community (sometimes national). Card-holders also have thousands of discounts and incentives available to you locally and across the United States.


Incentives not printed on the card can be found by:

1)      Funcard website www.sosfuncard.com or sponsored website

2)      FunCard locater app for smartphones and,

3)      SOS FunCard Hero sticker located in the window of the participating businesses


Some FunCards will have a School Mascot or Business Logo on the front when they have been sponsored. However, all FunCards will bear the SOS logo on the back.

How the ideal SOS FunCard Fundraiser works:

Schools, school clubs and teams, organizations supporting schools, and universities can request as many FunCards as they want to organize a campaign or combine with an existing campaign. When the school sells FunCards for $20, they keep the entire $20 and there is no charge for unsold cards, no minimums, no profit share, and no fees whatsoever. It’s true philanthropy.


FunCard buyers also have the opportunity to purchase cards online and via various businesses storefronts / “Distribution Partners”. When FunCards are purchased using this method, the FunCard buyer designates which school his/her $20 will benefit. (In this scenario, a school can receive money from FunCard without having a campaign of their own).


Schools now have money to enhance the lives of its students by providing school supplies, better maintenance, updated technology, programs for disadvantaged children, arts, sports, etc.


Businesses on the FunCard grow their customer loyalty and increase their traffic and net gain.


FunCard holders save money on their everyday purchases and take pride in enhancing the lives of the students in their local schools.


Better Schools

Better Businesses

Better Communities

Campaign Example

 Our guess is the renewal rate will be approximately 40%. This will net the school $40,000.00 before they begin their next FunCard campaign. In year two (2), we estimate $40,000 renewals and $80,000 new FunCard sales (4 cards ea) $120k.