National Youth Football Tournaments and Camps

 National Youth Football Organization focuses on the following areas: Speed – Agility – Strength – Focus – Life Skills - Footwork - Team Building - Love of the Game -  leadership  & an 'I CAN' Winning Attitude 


 *Specific training for 'making the team' and contributing on a middle school, high school, or collegiate level

Camp Schedule:

7:30- 8:30AM Check-In

8:30-9:15AM Recruiting (National Collegiate Scouting Association) Howard Stevens


930-10:45- Dynamic stretch and workout-

1045-1100 Mental Training - * “Be Diesel”

11:00- 12:15 Combine Testing & Training

4 cone drill

20 yard shuttle

Broad Jump

Vertical Jump

40 yard dash

12:15 PM-1:30PM Lunch

1215-1230- field to gym/ bathroom/food

1230-100- Mental Training - “Expect

to Win”

100-130- Re-coop/ free time

135-235- Dynamic Stretch- Workout

235-300- Mental Training- “The flight of


300:-330 PM Individual Position Training
             O-Line, O-Backs, Receivers, QB, DB, LB,

             D- End, D-Line

330-400- 1 on 1

400-430- 3 on 2 (RB and 2 OL vs D DL/ QB and 2

             rec. vs DB and LB)
4:30-445-PM Mental Training- “Entitlement”

445-530-PM Air-Ball Tournament (10 min each 4

            min break before championship

            445-455 Game #1 (1v2, 3v4),

456-506 Game #2 (1v3, 2v4)

507-517 Game #3 (1v4, 2v4),

520-530 Game #4 Championship game

and Consolation game

530-600 Watermelon

6:15-630 PM Conclusion Mental Training-

           “What’s your Position”
630- Dismiss



National Youth Football Organization was founded by Coach Bob Winstead with the firm belief that the game of Football can and will create strong leaders on and off the gridiron!  The lessons learned through our camp will build dynamic players and strong young men.   As a parent, you get to pick who you place in front of your child as a role model.   We are honored to be chosen to mentor your player.  

Coach Winstead:  D1 Collegiate Player - East Carolina University

29 years coaching experience

International Motivational Speaker

2010 BEIFC- "Coach of the year" 

2010 Coach- Team USA Champions “International Cup”

Former Head Football Coach – North Raleigh Christian Academy
Mentor * Leader * Motivator

Currently Coaching in the Triangle's 'Cap-8' Football Conference *

Philosophy: Football can be used as a mighty tool for life lessons in all areas of life.  I firmly believe that athletics keeps our kids on the right track, out of trouble and develops a strong desire to compete in life and succeed.  Our goal is to build leaders on and off the football field.   

Football is a tool for building strong young men!

National Youth Football Organization Logo

Meet the Coaches:

Chris Avery  Strength and Conditioning Coach

Buck Buchannan (Highland games competitor) ex-marine- Strength and Conditioning

Barry Bragg- Strength and Conditioning Coach

Neal Clark- Northern Durham HS "All American"

Phil Farmer- 7 time World Power lifting Champion. Strength and Conditioning Coach


Taylor Gentry- NC State University, Kansas City Chiefs


Charles Johnson- University of Colorado, Pittsburgh Steelers-

Mike Massey- Head Coach Enloe HS

Will Murphy - Appalachian State


Austin Nagy - NRCA, University of Charlotte 49’s


Andreas Oneal - NC State- Hamilton Tiger Cats (Canadian Football League)


Garrett Pratt-Florida, Fork Union Military Academy

Mark Rodgers- Asst Coach Clayton High School. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Howard Stevens-New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Colts. Educational Speaker, National
Collegiate Scouting Association

Pat Teague - Sanderson HS, NCSU, Tampa Bay Bucs-

DeWayne Washington- Northern High School Durham, NCSU, 1st Round Draft Pick, and Rookie of the Year, Vikings, Steelers, Jaguars and Chiefs, currently owns and operates Carolina Skills Academy-

Hunter Williams- WFRHS- Wake Forest University

Bob Winstead - Sanderson HS, East Carolina University.

International Motivational Speaker

2010- BEIFC "Coach of the Year

2010- Coach of Team USA, International Cup Champions, Australia

2013- Coach of Team USA, International Cup, Bahamas