Generous Weekend

The fiscal challenge our nation has faced over recent years has had a significant impact on this nation, all states, cities, and local communities. We have witnessed like never before: poverty, job loss, inadequate schools, and a confused marketplace.

In May 2009, Generous Community and an alliance of community leaders and socially responsible companies committed to launch a unified effort to promote optimism and encouragement, and to provide strategies and solutions that change the way people think and act. These collaborative efforts provide resources that can be used for public good and afford solutions that improve the health and welfare of our communities at large.

As a nation, we prove we are a “Generous Community” by our response and aid to tragedies such as: 9-11, tsunamis, Hurricanes, and earthquakes. Imagine an effort for your community that ignites the same humanitarian motivation and action. Generosity is a key component of recovery and transformation. Each of us has a capacity to impact our community. When our immediate community is positively impacted, we benefit. And when we mobilize as a united community; individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses are healthier May 17-19, 2013 is Generous Community Weekend (also referred to as “Generous Weekend” and GC Weekend).

GC Weekend is a grassroots effort to utilize collaboration, creativity, and generosity to positively impact communities and the marketplace. From May 17-19, generous people across the USA will focus on impacting the people, organizations, and businesses in their zip codes.


Business leaders are sponsoring several marque events to provide people an opportunity to interact as a larger community. Individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods are also participating by hosting smaller events, and promoting acts of kindness in their immediate zip code.


Mobilize local communities to become more socially interactive and creative towards an environment of positive change in their local community.


Marque Events

* Networking Social and Silent Auction Friday May 17

* Community Networking and Cookout Saturday May 18

* Non Profit Fair Saturday May 18

* Golf Tournament Monday May 19



Engage partnerships with businesses and affinity groups

Encourage social interaction Instill consumer confidence

Stimulate the marketplace

Help those in need


Local Activities & Random Acts of Kindness Projects

* Free Car Washes provided by local businesses and organizations.

  (No donations or tips accepted)

* Wave Stations people waving and smiling at motorists

* Free Dental, Vision Services for disadvantaged and homeless

* Community Cookouts and Block Parties

* Leave $5 at Drive’thru- for the car behind me

* Buy 50 tickets at movies- for first 50 people to show up

* Customer Appreciation Sales and events-Local businesses and 


* Sports Tournaments -Softball, Baseball, Basketball 3on3, Tennis, etc

* Financial Seminars and College Scholarship information

* Appreciation visit/thank you cards to Police/Fire/EMS Business

* Networking Events

* etc