Generous Community Student Leadership Board of Directors

We are a civic, nonpartisan organization made up of tomorrow’s leaders, dedicated to leadership, individual development and community service.


Vision: Equipping communities to facilitate their generosity

Mission: Provide academic, mentor, vocational, personal needs support, and funding to schools, organizations, and businesses

Values: Faith, Collaboration, Integrity, Generosity, Community, Entrepreneurial/Creativity

We are students, of all backgrounds and ages 14-25, who have come together for a common purpose: creating positive change in our community and in ourselves while having a great time. We represent a variety of occupations, interests, and social and economic backgrounds. As individuals, we subscribe to many different political ideologies and religious beliefs


(Generous Community is not a religious or political organization).

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us today.

Backpack program

Thousands of children are in school without basic school supplies. Some schools are over-crowded and dilapidated, crippling the future of the nation. Over the past few years, hundreds of students have dropped out of school to help earn income for their struggling families. These children are faced with the challenge of trying to learn in a classroom without basic school supplies. Will you help?

Generous Community's "National Backpack Program" provides "at-risk" school children with a new backpack for the upcoming school year. Our goal is to make a difference in the communities where we have Generous Community Chapters.

Every summer we campaign to provide backpacks to children in the United States and internationally at the beginning of the traditional school year. Backpacks are distributed through several national charities focused on education, disaster relief, violence and domestic abuse, many of which actively work with local schools and non-profit organizations nationally.


Care-Pack program

Generous Community provides long-term strategies to developing countries with the goal of transforming individual lives and entire communities.

One of our initiatives is providing CarePacks—packages of school supplies and hygiene products for needy children worldwide. Thousands of CarePacks are needed every year as a gift and outreach tool for orphans and school children in impoverished places around the world.

You can get involved: Make a CarePack and mail it in, or... Give a donation and we will build a CarePack. Ask your small group, office or family members to make CarePacks together. Organize your own campaign for a demographic you want to serve and we will help you get the CarePacks to the desired location. 


Thanks"GIVING" Day

What: Annual Thanksgiving turkey drive


When: Saturday, November 17


Where: Volunteers will be collecting frozen turkeys, non-perishable food, and donations at locations in Wake County, Durham County, Mecklenburg County, and New Hanover County.


Volunteers will be in the parking lots of the drop-off locations between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Look for Generous Community banners to locate the drop-off point.


Get involved: For more information on the work of the Generous Community, including a complete list of turkey drop-off sites, visit our website or call 919-889-1669. The turkeys and other donations will help the Generous Community to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday meals to those in need, and to be there for those in need after the holidays. "The FoodBank is in a crisis situation with food supplies shrinking at the same time that more and more people are turning to emergency food providers for help. This drive has to be about a 'Turkey and More' if we are going to be able to meet the need throughout the winter long after the holidays over," says Ross Blaising, Generous Community Student Volunteer. "Our annual ‘Thanks GIVING Day’ drive is taking place when we are in the worst economic times in years for those we serve and for those who support us. Please talk to your family, friends, co-workers, houses of worship and ask them to help--we need to have as many as possible involved. Whether in the form of a frozen turkey, canned goods, or a cash donation, we need your support now more than ever before," says Blaising.


Last year, Generous Community distributed more than 1,000 turkeys and other groceries, ultimately serving low-income seniors, children, the disabled, battered women, the homeless and working poor families in 10 counties. Generous Community is encouraging financial donations, which will be used to purchase turkeys at wholesale prices and assist the Generous Community in distributing food and groceries throughout the winter months when the number of families needing help increases greatly. Checks made out to Generous Community can dropped off at turkey collections sites or be mailed to Generous Community, 7128 Falls Glen Court, Suite 200 Raleigh, NC 27614. Please write "Thanks GIVING Day" on the outside of the envelope. . The turkeys and other donations will help Generous Community to provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday meals to those in need, and to be there for those in need after the holidays



SOS FunCard

Save Our Schools FunCard is an ongoing philanthropic initiative operated and managed by Generous Community and a collaboration of community stakeholders for the purpose of providing emergency funds and resources to schools. The fiscal challenge facing our nation is having a significant impact on North Carolina Schools and schools nationwide. The impact we are experiencing in the marketplace has trickled down to a reduction in public services.

Our schools are now being forced to make dramatic changes in their budgets, which will result in deferred maintenance, a deficiency in teaching resources, and the loss of educators. In the end, we are hurting our children. While there are parents, individuals, and organizations who are working hard to support our schools, it is clear that there is a need for more.

The FunCard initiative utilizes entrepreneurial creativity and proven strategies to deliver emergency funds to our NC Schools and the schools retain 100% of all monies collected for the sale of the FunCards.



Educate: To provide every child the same opportunity to receive an education and graduate from North Carolina Schools.

Volunteers: To organize volunteers from the community to help schools and teachers accomplish their goals.


Government: To communicate with the State and local government as to where we can direct funds and resources to best serve our NC Education System

By 2016, to secure a $20 (FunCard) sponsorship per student in NC school. We will encourage partnerships from local media, businesses, community leaders, parents, organizations, and churches to sponsor and promote to sponsor every child in our NC schools by purchasing 1 FunCard per child. This effort would allow us to inject $50M per year in our NC schools, while initiating duplicate campaigns in each state of the United States of America



What is the purpose of the Student Board for the Generous Community organization

Bring Them In, Build Them Up, and Send Them Out


Bring Them in: Generous Community brings in students from all walks of life. We use conferences, awards ceremonies, sports, hobbies, talents, community service, and activities of interest to get them involved.


Build Them Up: We love them and teach them to love each other. We interact with one another. We encourage, motivate, and support them in every aspect of their lives. We get involved. We build a relationship with them. We promote community. We become a TEAM. We teach them how to set and attain goals. We teach them how to communicate and utilize all resources available to them. And we teach them to expect to succeed in everything they attempt (school, sports, careers, relationships, etc). They experience, passion, compassion, integrity, team building, goal setting, and overall personal growth and sense of accomplishment


Send Them Out: We send them out as leaders equipped to make great accomplishments in their schools, teams, families, communities, and their personal lives. We send them out as the examples of morals, ethics, and social responsibility. We send them out as mentors that get others involved so that their lives may be enhanced in some way. We send them out to make a difference!


As an organization, “Generous Community” wants to impact the lives of people by providing learning facilities/opportunities and educational programs that promote character development, life-enhancing values, and relationships (Life Skills).


Through the Life Skills Experience, participants learn valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude; how to make decisions by thinking about the possible consequences and how to define and set goals from the Generous Community Student Board of Directors’ projects to everyday life.


The Life Skills Experience is one of the unique features that differentiate The Generous Community Student Board of Directors projects from many other successful student activities, teams, and programs. Through creative concepts we tie in the experiences of the students to forward the “GC” Mission of caring for the needy of the world.