Adopt a School Day

Children... a high yield investment!

The current fiscal challenges facing our nation have, and will continue to have, a significant impact on your city and state. As economic projections reflect a slowdown in our economy, we begin to feel the impact through cuts in hours, wages, and even jobs. Government often responds with higher taxes and fees, a reduction in public services, and calls to look out for even deeper cuts to follow. Under these conditions, our public, charter, and private schools are generally forced to make dramatic changes in their budgets, often resulting in deferred maintenance, a deficiency in teaching resources, and the loss of educators. In the end, we are shorting our children, who might otherwise benefit from cleaner schools, access to broader programs and modern technologies, and smaller class sizes. While there are parents, individuals, and organizations who are working hard to support our schools, it is clear that there is a need for more.

October 6, 2012 will be the forth National Adopt-A-School Day. Adopt-A-School Day is a nationwide grassroots effort to establish an annual day of awareness and service to US schools.

On October 6, generous people in every community in the USA will assist schools in their zip codes following a simple 3 part formula:

1. Pick a school in your zip code you have an interest in helping.

2. Ask how you can help on Adopt-A-School Day (October 06, 2012)

3. Organize your group and lend a hand.

This community service day makes no distinction between public/charter/private schools, or grade levels. This is a day for the community to support all of our schools. Projects include donations, beautification, implementing a new school program, fundraising, backpack drives, career skills training, and more.

This year, we are asking generous people like you to support schools in their zip codes and in addition, we will be serving as a catalyst to expand the scope and impact of the Adopt- A-School Day Nationwide. The Generous Community Student Board will be handling the promotion and publicity of this truly unique effort to establish an annual day of service when we invest one day for our future. Thank you for being Generous

Purpose of Adopt a School Day

The purpose of the Nationwide Adopt-a-School Day is to mobilize the community in service to local schools. The Adopt-A-School Day is a day when we join together as a “whole” community to support our schools. Participating organizations and community leaders will select a school and discuss how they might provide assistance on October 06, 2012.

Background: The recent economic downturn and looming state deficit has made investment in our schools extremely difficult for the government as multiple priorities compete for resources. We believe that our greatest asset is our people and that education is key to the US's economic prosperity.

Goals of Adopt a School Day 2012:

1. To provide a service day to at least 2,000 schools

2. Nationwide publicity for Adopt a School Day: newspaper, TV, radio, social networking, etc

3.To establish (10) new Adopt a School programs

4. Secure 100 new partners for "Save Our Schools" campaign

Ways to Participate

Volunteer Your Group:

Whether it’s beautification of the grounds, donation of materials, an educational program for the children, or something new, US schools are asking for your group’s contribution. And “group” doesn’t just mean clubs, organizations, or businesses. You can organize a group of friends or family too! For more information, contact Community Involvement Chair Bob Winstead by email at:

Volunteer Yourself: Don’t have a group to work with? contact us at for more information on how you can participate in

their Adopt-A-School Day project.

Donate/Support/Attend Events: Your donation and/or attendance at our events will go a long way to making Adopt-A-School Day a success. Alternatively, you may choose to support one of our fundraisers.