The center ring of the logo represents YOU.

The ring on the right represents solutions. The ring on the left represents your local community

Generous Community is a 501 (c)-(3) non-profit organization that creates sustainable solutions which enable communities to break longstanding cycles of poverty, inadequate schools, job loss, and a confused marketplace. Collaboration is always at the core of our work. By collaborating with diverse public- and private-sector partners, we help provide strategies and solutions that change the way people think and act. Partnerships with businesses are a critical and unique element of our approach. These cooperative efforts provide resources that can be used for public good and solutions that stand on their own, for the long haul to improve the health and welfare of our communities at large. More than 3,000 Generous Community volunteers have participated with the donation and distribution of food, clothing, and supplies to our local citizens. This group has also provided housing for the poor and serves our at risk children through establishing mentoring and tutoring programs for schools and youth service organizations.


            Vision: To change lives through generosity

Mission: To transform cities by encouraging and developing individuals to positively impact their families, communities and the marketplace

Values: Generosity, Collaboration, Integrity, Entrepreneurial Creativity & Faith